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About us

Verpla we are a family business with two points of sale in Sant Cugat and Barcelona, dedicated to the integral reform of the home, specialists in design of kitchens and bathrooms.


In Verpla we also do renovations throughout the house: terraces, roofs, doors, windows, etc.


In Verpla we adapt to the client. We study the form of payment so that the client can pay comfortably, always adapting to their needs.

  • Suppliers

    NEFF    Miele    Hacker    Dupont    Gutmann    Blanco

  • Suppliers

    Frecan    Siemens    Smeg    Luisina    Ondarreta    PG Electrodomésticos    Marmoles Aira

  • Suppliers

    Resigres    Salgar    Armaduch    Neolith